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Mumps is an acute viral illness that causes fever, headaches and characteristically painful swollen salivary glands. Complications can include meningitis, deafness and inflammation of the testicles in adult males. Mumps is infectious from about 6 days before to the 10 days after onset of symptoms and has the potential to disrupt the education of a large number of students.

Swelling and pain of one or both parotid glands are the usual main symptoms.

If you are concerned that you have Mumps, please make an appointment in either of the Student Health Centres.

Young adults entering third level college should ensure they have received the recommended 2 doses of MMR vaccine and those who are not up to date with their MMR may request vaccination from their own GP or from the Student Health Centre.

The vaccination itself is free in the student health centre; however there is a 10 euro administration charge. The Student Health Centre can provide details on costs of all other vaccinations.