students laughing outdoors east quad

This is a regular complaint from a lot of students.  It is so common that it is called TATT.  There are various reasons why you may be suffering from this.

The following are the key areas that you need to examine:


Remember walking is FREE.  All you need is a good pair of walking shoes.

Get off the bus/DART/Luas a stop or two earlier and build exercise into your day.

Perhaps you used to play sport when in school but did not continue with it when you came to college. There are also numerous sports available to you in the University.

If you have any medical problems please come to see one of the health centre doctors before embarking on any exercise.


healthy diet is really important if you want to have energy.  

Do you drink alcohol?

If so how many units do you drink and how often? Do you binge drink? 

Do you take illegal drugs?

Information on Illegal Drugs


This is often a factor in students feeling tired all the time. Do you have a part time job? Do you need to work as many hours as you do? For example do you smoke? If you smoke how many hours do you have to work each week to pay for your cigarettes?

Are there issues that are currently causing you a lot of stress? Come to see one of the Counsellors free of charge.

If you would like help in addressing the above areas or have already addressed them and you still feel TATT please come in to one of the Health Centres and speak to a doctor or nurse for advice. There could be an underlying medical condition that may be causing your signs and symptoms.