• Medical attention to all students who feel unwell or become ill on campus.
  • Emergency medical treatment for accidents occurring within the college.
  • Medication for minor illnesses that arise during college hours.
  • G.P clinic appointments held on campus.
  • Phlebotomy (bloods)
  • Advice and support on any health or personal matter.
  • Referral, on request or where deemed appropriate to counsellor or other support bodies.
  • Contraception/Emergency contraception and Sexual Health advice.
  • STI screening
  • Nutrition advice and healthy eating promotion.
  • Wound Dressing and Removal of sutures.
  • Sports injury referrals.
  • Health Promotion and encouragement of a healthy lifestyle.
  • Advice on Medical cards and entitlements.


All health issues are treated in complete confidentiality and medical records are secured in the Health Centre only. Information is released to a third party only with the consent of the student. You will need to bring your student I.D card with you when attending the Health Centre.

Student Health Centre – Student Registration
All newly registered students will be asked to complete a Registration form that we input onto our Medical Database

If there are any particular medical conditions/disabilities that may impact on your academic performance, it is important that you inform the nurse or Disability Officer and they can be addressed accordingly, with your permission (see end of questionnaire).

We are now facilitating students with Blood Testing in the Student Health Centre. You will need to be seen by the Campus Dr. first to avail of this Service. Most results take up 3-5 days. Other more specific tests can take up to 2/3 weeks.


The following dentists will see TU Dublin - Tallaght Campus students at a reduced rate, providing you produce your student I.D card. Please phone for an appointment time.

Priory Dentist - Dr Shahani
Location: 5 Main Street, Tallaght - opposite the Priory gates.
Appointments: 01- 4519727
Charges: Medical cardholders - No discount for students – Check up €40.

Mountain Park Dental Practice
Location: 51 Mountain Park, Old Bawn, Tallaght.
Appointments: 01- 4513686
Charges: Check up €70 includes clean and polish. Discount of 10% per treatment.

Dental Treatment Benefit
You may qualify for the following based on PRSI contributions;

  • FREE Annual dental examination

For more information:

Further information:
Treatment Benefit Section,
Department of Social, Community and Family Affairs,
St. Oliver Plunkett Road, Letterkenny, Co. Donegal
Telephone: 074 25566 / 018748444 / Lo call 1890 400 400
Web: www.welfare.ie


The following Pharmacies offers a 10% discount to TU Dublin - Tallaght Campus students on production of a valid Student ID card.

Tesco Pharmacy  
Location: Level 1, The Square S.C
Contact: 01-4514581
(They kindly offer 10% off prescriptions to ITT students)

Hickeys Pharmacy
Location: Level 2, The Square S.C
Contact: 01 – 4597444


Physical / Sports Therapies

The Student Health Centre in conjunction with the Sports and Recreation Officer provide a Physical Therapist service on Tuesday mornings during term time, for students injured while representing the College in their chosen sport. You will need to notify the Sports and Recreation Officer immediately of any injuries that occur and he will in turn refer you to the Student Health Centre. 

Muscle Matters Physical Therapy Logo

Stuart Mc Quaide – Muscle Matters Injury Clinic

Unit 1A Killinardan Enterprise Park, Whitestown Way, Killinardan, Dublin 24, D24 XE2R

ph: 085 162 9695 / (01) 452 8431

  • Offers a 15% discount to both TU Dublin students and staff - cost with discount €50 per session.


Old Bawn Clinic,
68 Old Bawn Road,Tallaght

  • Offers 15% discount to TU Dublin students – cost with discount €55 per session.