GROWTHhub Project

Welcome to the GROWTHhub in TU Dublin.

The GROWTHhub project is a collaborative initiative between TU Dublin and South East Technological University (SETU), funded by the Irish Government under HCI initiative in 2020.

GROWTHhub Mission

The mission of GROWTHhub is to:

We aim to achieve this by:

Entrepreneur Definition

Following EC EntreComp framework, GROWTHhub defines entrepreneurship as:

This broad definition of entrepreneurship applies to individuals and groups, and embraces different types of entrepreneurships, including:

Growth Thinking

Combining growth thinking and entrepreneurial behaviour enables you to discover opportunities based around your passions, experiences, and capabilities. It helps you to evaluate and test your ideas and choose the opportunity that is most likely to help you achieve your goals. It empowers you to use your ideas, in any field or discipline, to add value to society and the world around you.

The GROWTHhub project is all about helping everyone in TU Dublin to build growth thinking and entrepreneurial behaviour into our daily lives. Our 3-year mission is to give our students and staff the opportunity and skills to view the world through the lens of ‘Opportunity Awareness’. To see potential solutions to the problems that we and those around us encounter every day.

We are building a network of people and resources to help our students and our educators. We are introducing programmes to help students of every discipline and at all levels to practice creativity and innovation. We are working with staff in TU Dublin to integrate elements of growth thinking and entrepreneurial behaviour into as many courses as possible, to give everyone the opportunity to view the world around us as a place of growth and opportunity. 

The GROWTHhub is intended to act as a centre and starting point for everyone in TU Dublin who wishes to explore their ability to identify, evaluate and develop opportunities that are right for them. We offer a broad range of supports designed to help you explore and develop your growth thinking skills and entrepreneurial behaviours.

Helping you explore the power of opportunity through growth thinking and entrepreneurial behaviour. 

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