Enterprise Idea and Pitch Clinics

GROWTHhub provides informal and free Enterprise Idea Clinics and Pitch Clinics to provide feedback and advice on the enterprise initiatives of TU Dublin students and recent graduates.  The only requirement is that you come to the clinics prepared to openly discuss your idea or deliver your pitch. The Enterprise Idea Clinics and Enterprise Pitch Clinics are operated according to the Chatham House Rule, where you can openly discuss your ideas in a confidential and safe environment.

When making an appointment for either an Enterprise Idea Clinic or an Enterprise Pitch Clinic we require you to submit some information on your idea or pitch. Please fill out the appointment form as best you can.  Any information is useful and we will help you complete it during the session.



Do you have an idea but you are not sure what to do next?  Please request an appointment for an online session to discuss your idea.  We’ll ask you to tell us:

  • a little about yourself,
  • the problem that you’ve identified and
  • your idea for solving it.

You’ll then get feedback from us to help you figure out what you’re going to do next. The Clinics also advise on suitable GROWTHhub and TU Dublin initiatives that enable you progress your enterprise idea.

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Have you an idea that you have developed into a pitch, and now you want feedback? The Enterprise Pitch Clinic is a safe space where you can make your pitch and receive constructive feedback. We also welcome students seeking to test their enterprise competition pitches.

The pitch format requires you to tell us about you and to deliver your pitch.  Following the pitch you get feedback as well as advice on what do next.

The pitch clinics are run by appointment and include at least two pitch advisers. 

Submit your idea (a series of brief questions are asked which will help you think about your pitch) and we will be back to you to make an online Pitch Clinic appointment.


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