Environment and Planning

The Discipline of Environment and Planning is one of four Disciplines in the School of Architecture, Building and Environment.

David O'Connor is Head of Environment and Planning. He is responsible for the discipline of Environment and Planning and manages the following programmes:


The discipline of Environment and Planning at the School of Architecture, Building and Environment provides career-focused and reflective educational services, practically and technically suited to the contemporary demands of planning and environmental management, both in Ireland and globally.

  • Our combined undergraduate programme - TU835 BC in Spatial Planning and Environmental Management - is a professionally accredited, internationally recognised degree and includes both a European field trip and a work placement.
  • Our Postgraduate and Professional Development programmes provide effective and specialised educational paths for advanced, professional career development.
  • We pursue Engaged Research across our discipline areas and engage closely with industry, government and civic society partners.   
  • Our Academic Staff are professionally engaged at the highest disciplinary levels in Ireland and are fully committed to delivering an academic environment of the highest quality.

TU Dublin Environment & Planning’s vision is to be a recognised centre for excellence within the disciplines of environment and planning.  Our aim is "to provide a leadership role in the development of a meaningful and broadly accepted culture of sustainable planning and environmental management on the island of Ireland, one with an earned reputation for creativity and being outward-looking".   

Our Vision, Mission and Context is set out in our DEAP Action Plan 2025 - Mission Vision and Context document. 

We would like to extend a warm welcome to anyone interested in studying, researching or engaging with us at TU Dublin Environment & Planning and achieving these goals together.  Please contact myself or the School Office for any enquiries.


David O'Connor

Head of Environment and Planning, School of Architecture, Building and Environment



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