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Assistant Lecturer


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Camila D Bastiani is an assistant lecturer in the school of Mechanical and Design Engineering.  Her teaching responsibilities involve the delivery of modules and supervision of students for Level 7, 8 and 9 programs in the School of Mechanical Engineering (Bolton Street). She is involved in modules and laboratory classes in the fields of Applied Energy Systems (applied fluid mechanics and thermodynamics), Heat Transfer and Energy and Technology.

Camila graduated in Chemical Engineering from the University of Caxias do Sul (2011), holds an MSc. in Environmental Engineering from the University of Caxias do Sul (2017) and a PG Cert. in University Teaching and Learning (Technological University Dublin – 2022).

During her master's research, she acquired two and a half years of experience in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) applied to multiphase flows and Particle Image Velocimetry, aiming to optimize biogas production through the simulation of anaerobic bioreactors. She is currently doing a PhD in CFD applied to wastewater treatment bioreactors at Technological University Dublin. Her main research interests include CFD, multiphase flows, water and wastewater treatment, validation of CFD models and green energy. She is the co-founder of the TU Dublin CFD Research Group.

She has 6 years of experience in industry, having worked mainly for companies in the fields of polymer manufacturing and in the metal mechanic industry. During this time, she acquired experience in the fields of Quality Engineering and Quality Management Systems, especially in the implementation and maintenance of ISO9001:2008 quality systems. In addition, she has obtained experience in Environmental Management and water and wastewater treatment.

Camila is a manuscript reviewer for journals such as Water Science and Technology and Journal of Environmental Engineering and has been part of external validation panels for other universities.

She is also interested in industry collaboration in various fields including (but not limited to) biogas, bioenergy, CFD modelling, process engineering, anaerobic digestion and design​ and simulation of bioreactors.  She has presented her work in multiple conferences over the years and has published journal papers. 

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Main publications:

D’Bastiani, C., Alba, J.L., Mazzarotto, G.T., de Farias Neto, S.R., Reynolds, A., Kennedy, D. and Beal, L.L., 2021. Three-phase hydrodynamic simulation and experimental validation of an upflow anaerobic sludge blanket reactor. Computers & Mathematics with Applications83, pp.95-110.

D’Bastiani, C., Alba, J.L., Mazzarotto, G.T., Farias Neto, S.R., Torres, A.P.R. and Beal, L.L., 2020. CFD simulation and PIV validation of the gas/liquid behavior in an UASB reactor. Engenharia Sanitaria e Ambiental25, pp.87-96.

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