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Gerald Gallagher is an Assistant Lecturer in the School of Mechanical Engineering at TU Dublin Bolton Street. He currently teaches across multiple fields on Level 7, 8 and 9 programs, including fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, robotics and control, mechanical design, and material science. He supervises both undergraduate and postgraduate (Masters) research projects, primarily in computational fluid dynamics (CFD) applied to multiphase flows, sustainable design, and renewable energy technologies. He has lectured internationally at Tangshan Polytechnic College, China and at the University of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina on advanced CFD methods for multiphase flows and parallel programming applied to CFD, and he has also designed and delivered engineering courses for the Centre for Talented Youth, Ireland (CTYI).

In 2021, Gerald co-founded the TU Dublin CFD Research Group. He has a special interest in multiphase CFD simulation and parallel programming, with his research expertise lying in the application of advanced CFD methods to different engineering problems, multiphase flows, fluid-structure interaction, and the development of efficient and validated CFD codes. He is engaged with industry on CFD applied to complex engineering problems, including multiphase plunging jet and bubbly flow simulations for wastewater treatment, electro-chemical battery simulations for electric vehicles, and multiphase hydrogen fuel cell cooling simulations for electric vehicle and aviation applications.

As part of his PhD research, Gerald is developing a state-of-the-art GPU-enabled multiphase CFD software package for simulating deformable red blood cells in flow using the lattice Boltzmann and immersed boundary methods, which has involved advanced study at the University of Oxford, Von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics, and Lancaster University. Prior to this, he completed his BE in Mechanical Engineering in 2011 and MSc in Engineering Computation in 2013 at DIT Bolton Street (now TU Dublin). His undergraduate research involved the techno-economic study of hydrogen storage, while his MSc involved advanced study on CFD, numerical methods and simulation, with research focused on applying advanced CFD methods to viscoelastic material modelling. He also completed a PGCert in University Learning and Teaching at TU Dublin in 2022.

Gerald is involved in external examiner duties for universities nationally while also acting as subject matter expert in physics for university entrance examinations. He is involved in Management Committee duties for the European Network for the Mechanics of Matter at the Nano-Scale (MecaNano) and Open Network on DEM Simulations (ON-DEM) COST Actions and reviews manuscripts in the fields of the CFD, fluid dynamics, the lattice Boltzmann method, and heat transfer for the Springer Forum for Interdisciplinary Mathematics and Computers and Geosciences. He has also published multiple articles based on his CFD research activities.

Prior to working in academia, Gerald worked in industry as an engineer for Radley Engineering and Mercury Engineering in Building Information Modelling (BIM) environments for the construction of semiconductor plants. This involved process piping design and modelling along with coordination roles focusing on quality analysis and constructability. He is a member of Engineers Ireland and is a Chartered Engineer CEng IntPE (Irl) MIEI, and he was nominated for the Engineers Ireland Chartered Engineer of the Year Competition in 2020.

Main Publications:

Gallagher, G. and Boyle, F. J. (2022) 'Morton-Ordered GPU Lattice Boltzmann CFD Simulations with Application to Blood Flow', International Conference of Numerical Analysis and Applied Mathematics. Heraklion Greece, 19-25 September. ICNAAM.

D’ Bastiani, C., Gallagher, G., Kennedy, D., and Reynolds, A. (2022) ‘Development and Validation of a PIV System for Obtaining Data from UASB Reactors’, WSED Young Energy Researchers. Wels Austria, 6 - 8 April. OÖ Energiesparverband.

Gallagher, G. and Boyle, F. (2021) ‘Validation of an In-House 3D CUDA Coupled Lattice Boltzmann Immersed Boundary CFD Solver for Sedimentation of a Sphere’, Sir Bernard Crossland Symposium. Online, 22 - 23 September. Trinity College Dublin.

Gallagher, G. and Boyle, F. (2020) ‘CULBIBBS: A CUDA Lattice Boltzmann Immersed Boundary Blood Solver for Cardiovascular-System Fluid Flow Analysis.’ Bioengineering in Ireland, Section of Bioengineering of the Royal Academy of Medicine in Ireland. Carlow, 17 - 18 January. Trinity College Dublin.

Gallagher, G. and Boyle, F. (2019) ‘Developments toward a Red-Blood-Cell-Incorporating Computational Fluid Dynamics Solver for Cardiovascular-System Fluid Flow Analysis.’ INSPIRE. Dublin, 9 May. TU Dublin.

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