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Scott Ahearn (Counsellor)


Phone: (01) 2206249

Office Location

Room 2-043. The office is on the second floor of the Aungier Street main building. The rooms are numbered in sequence. Follow the room numbers until you get to 2-043.


Clodagh Ni Gallachoir (Counsellor)


Phone number: (01) 220 7202

Emmet Mallon (Counsellor)

Phone number: (01) 220 7203

Office Location

The Counselling Service on Blanchardstown Campus is office number C113 on the first floor of the Croi Building. Walk past the main stairs, past the part-time office on the ground floor (glass front). Past the stairs, and turn left into the corridor before the AV Office. Enter the first door on the left hand side, the Student Counselling office can be found in here.

For appointments during the summer period, please email Clodagh and include the times you are available to attend.

Joseph Donohue (Counsellor)


Phone: (01) 2206872

Office Location

Room 3 - Linenhall Lodge, Henrietta Place

From the front entrance to the Bolton Street building, cross the road to Henrietta place and walk up 50 metres to the Linen Hall area of the campus. The Health Centre is the building on the right. The counselling office is upstairs on the first floor to the right in room 3.

Aisling O'Brien (Head of Counselling)


Phone: (01) 220 7747


Kelly Darcy (Administrator)


Phone: (086) 0820543 / (01) 2205249 


Mary Creedon (Counsellor)


Phone: (01) 220 6876


Sean O’Connell (Counsellor)


Phone: (01) 220 6874


Jennifer Hughes (Counsellor)


Phone: (01) 2206251


Tom Adams (Counsellor)


Phone: (01) 2208369


Office Location

Rooms 111-117, Rathdown House

Going through the main gate of the campus, Rathdown House is the first building on the right. Go up to the first floor. Take a left at the top of the stairs and go through the medical service offices. This will bring you to the student counselling service offices.

Sandra Carroll (Counsellor)

E-mail: //

Phone number: (01) 220 8210

Office Location

The Tallaght Student Counselling Service is located room 010C on the ground floor of the main college building. Take the first left off the main corridor after the yellow stairs and then the first left. This will bring you to area 010 where there is a waiting area and several services are located. The counsellors office is in the corner beside the Disability Office.

For appointments during the summer period, please email Sandra and include the times you are available to attend.