Building Engineering

Building engineers are at the heart of the building design process. They design, develop, install and implement the mechanical and electrical systems that ensure our buildings are safe, sustainable, comfortable, efficient and effective.

Our graduates’ impact and value lies at the leading edge-convergence of creative design vision and making it work through engineering and construction technology.

This course has 100% employment rates (even in recessionary times). It is closely aligned with over 20 industry partners who recruit directly from the course, including:

Tech companies such as Google and Facebook have their own in-house Building Engineering teams.


Do you have what it takes to be a Building Engineer?

Attributes of a Building Engineer

Creative Building Engineering invites dynamism and creativity. No two buildings are ever the same and there is always an opportunity to do something different that adds value, each time we look at a layout or project.

Collaborative Globally, we play a leading role in making our buildings safe, sustainable, comfortable, efficient and effective by working closely with our colleagues.

Passionate We are dedicated and have a strong ethical commitment to making the best of our buildings and built environment.

Professional We accept only the highest standards, we have the skills and knowledge base to influence and impact change.

Leading Edge We constantly seek to innovate and lead, improving the lifecycle performance of buildings, through the curious pursuit of the leading design thinking, construction techniques and leading design thinking, construction techniques and materials science.

Building Engineers act with...

Confidence We are a vibrant, professional body who are at the top of our game, we are a key influencer in the design and implementation of world-class, leading-edge building solutions.

‘Can-do’ attitude We are the ultimate problem solvers and collaborators, at the convergence of design vision and engineering practicality.

Impact We are a vital part to solving the key climate change challenges and opportunities that construction brings. We have the most significant lifetime cost impact in the construction process, from building design to refit.

Integrity We adhere to the highest standards of professionalism and ethics, we are uniquely equipped to deliver our industry and society’s construction needs today, and tomorrow.

Additional Programme Information

TU825 B.Eng. (Level 8 Hons) Building Engineering (Bolton Street)
TU703 B.Eng.Tech. (Level 7 Ord) Building Engineering (Bolton Street)
TU021 B.Eng.Tech. (Level 7 Ord) Building Engineering (Bolton Street)
TU018 Higher Certificate (Level 6) Building Engineering (Bolton Street)
TU50xx CPD Modules (Level 8 Hons) in Building Engineering (Bolton Street)