Mechatronic Engineering

Mechatronic Engineering is an inter-disciplinary field, at the intersection of mechanics, electronics and computing. Mechatronic Engineers fill the need for an inter-disciplinary and integrated Engineer in the manufacturing of products and processes, such as "intelligent" robots, modern day automobiles and complex cyber physical systems (Industry 4.0). Mechatronic Engineering represents a design philosophy adopted by world class production and manufacturing industries to ensure they remain at the cutting edge of their competitive fields. 

The achievement of a successful Mechatronic design environment essentially depends on the ability of design teams to communicate, collaborate, and integrate. Indeed, a major role of the Mechatronic Engineer is often that of acting to bridge the communications gaps that can exist between more specialized colleagues to ensure that the objectives of collaboration and integration are achieved within industrial environments.

Starting at design and continuing through manufacture, Mechatronic design approaches optimize the available mix of technologies to produce quality precision products and systems in a timely manner with features the customer wants. Mechatronic based educational programmes offered at TU Dublin are therefore crucial to the continued competitiveness of the high technology sector of the economy within Ireland.

The Mechatronic Engineering discipline at TU Dublin also hosts the sub-disciplines of Automation Engineering & Robotics, Data Centre Operations, and Sustainable Heating (including plumbing apprenticeships). Programmes are offered on both the Bolton Street and Blanchardstown campuses.

All our Mechatronic Engineering and Automation Engineering and Robotics programmes are accredited by Engineers Ireland.


Additional Programme Information

TU804 B.Eng. (Level 8 Hons) Engineering (General Entry) (Blanchardstown)
TU810 B.Eng. (Level 8 Hons) Mechatronic Engineering (Blanchardstown)
TU701 B.Eng.Tech. (Level 7 Ord) Automation Engineering (Bolton Street)
TU708 B.Eng. (Level 7 Ord) Engineering (General Entry) (Blanchardstown)
TU711 B.Eng. (Level 7 Ord) Mechatronic Engineering (Blanchardstown) [**after Year 1 in Common Entry TU708]
TU074 B.Sc. (Level 7 Ord.) in Data Centre Operations and Management (Blanchardstown)
Apprenticeship: Plumbing (Phase 4 and Phase 6) (Blanchardstown)