Head of Mechanical Apprentices

Dr Aidan Kenny

e: aidan.kenny@tudublin.ie

t: +353 1 220 8146

Head Of Discipline Aidan Kenny

Dr Kenny is an academic staff member of the university since 1996 when it was then the Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT). Teaching on apprenticeship and undergraduate programmes in the university and post graduate programmes in Trinity College Dublin as a guest lecturer. Dr Kenny was appointed by Trinity College Dublin as an external PhD Examiner.

Research interests include, education and training systems including approaches and practices in VET, FET and HE, work-based learning, apprenticeship models, green skills and sustainability, organisation of work, qualifications frameworks and recognition of prior learning and industry 5.0. He managed and participated in numerous European Commission Erasmus+ strategic partnerships, study visits, peer learning activities and mobility projects. Member of the European Alliance for Apprenticeship and the Teachers’ Union of Ireland.  Serves on the university Academic Council, Faculty Board and Executive Committee of the School of Mechanical Engineering. Has also served as a member of working groups and committee in: Quality Qualifications Ireland, OECD, Irish Congress of Trade Unions.

Aidan completed his Doctor of Education in Trinity College Dublin, Master of Education, Training and Management in Dublin City University, Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Dublin City University and Postgraduate Diploma Employment Law in University College Dublin.

Aidan supports European cooperation including knowledge sharing initiatives, mobilities, and values equality, diversity and inclusion in the university, workplaces, and society.