School of Mechanical and Design Engineering teams excel in the Bolton Trust Competition

Published: 7 Apr, 2022

The winner of the overall Bolton Trust/TU Dublin Student Enterprise competition 2022 was “Condufit”, from Year 4 of the Manufacturing & Design Engineering programme, School of Mechanical & Design Engineering . A prize of €2,000 was given to team members, Grant Baker, Sean Quinn, Sarah Moody, Raymond Murphy, Stephen McEvoy and Danny Clarke. Their product was a new design of conduit pipe that is normally used for routing wires and cables through buildings.

The Bolton Trust/TU Dublin Student Enterprise competition 2022 attracted 60 student teams, from which 24 team were selected to compete. Out of the final four teams, three of the teams were from the school of Mechanical and Design Engineering, TU Dublin City Centre Campus. Students can come from any discipline, any college including multi-disciplinary cross-college teams. The objective of the competition is to foster a spirit of entrepreneurship and to encourage and support a rigorous business planning approach to entrepreneurial activities.

Joint Third place and a prize of €750 went to teams from Manufacturing and Design Engineering, and Product Design, both in the School of Mechanical and Design Engineering.

engineering student team
Keg Lift Co. – Ross Grant, Alex Daly, Lily Kaneda, Simon Moloney, Jordan Coby and Eoin Byrne (Manufacturing & Design Engineering, 4th Year).     The goal of Keg Lift Co. is to take the lift out of lifting by developing a mechanical lifting device for storerooms in the hospitality industry.


product design student team
                   Glas Sustainability Team Glas Sustainability – Oisin McMahon and Derry Quinn (Product Design, 3rd Year).                                            Their idea is to develop a sustainability mark for retail companies in the clothing sector.

The school also had a runner-up team Bolton Dynamics from one of the semi finals.  Darragh Fanning, Adam Byrne, Melissa Comerford, Lameck Chidzani, Adam Furlong, and Conor Nolan won €500

Bolton Trust is and entrepreneur focused support organization focusing on breaking the barriers to enterprise growth. See their site for information on other competition winners.

Photography: Eyeon, Conor Mulhern