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On this page, you will find information on a number of the University's mathematics outreach initiatives. 

On Friday 22 October 2021, the School of Mathematical Sciences held a fun and interactive workshop for twenty-one 6th class primary school children as part of national Mathsweek.

Mathsweek takes place annually to promote positive attitudes to mathematics and to highlight the power and beauty of mathematical sciences, the impact it has upon our world and its role in future development and progress.  Mathsweek started in 2005 and now involves over 50 partners, of which TU Dublin is a longstanding supporter, organiser and host of events.  The annual festival of mathematics takes place in October and coincides with the famous discovery of quaternions by the Irish mathematician William Rowan Hamilton.  This year events took place between 16 and 24 October.  As many as 400,000 people participate in Mathsweek annually and, although the majority of events this year were once again online, some in-person events were possible.

This year, the School hosted a small group of primary school children from 6th class of Stanhope Street Primary School.  The event took place under strict COVID-19 mitigation measures put in place by their school and TU Dublin but the event was a welcome pre-Hallowe'en treat for the class and allowed the children to enjoy an hour of fun activities designed to engage with mathematics, boost confidence in maths skills and understand that mathematics is all around us and is literally for everyone.  Activities included: Volume - mix and match which explored how much liquid (e.g. how many drinks cans) would be needed to fill spaces such as the Aviva Stadium or an Olympic swimming pool;  Find the squares, a problem in creative thinking and identifying a solution strategy to count nested shapes.  The morning was made all the more fun and exciting due to the kids' fancy dress for Hallowe'en.

The event was a huge success and also allowed the children to see the new Grangegorman campus and ask questions about the other STEM activities that take place there and college life.  We look forward to seeing some of them again as undergraduates in seven years' time! 

Our Mathsweek events were organised by the School's Mathematics Engagement Coordinator, Aisling McGlinchey assisted by Ciaran O'Sullivan and Cormac Breen.

The TU Dublin PATH 3 project brings together the various campuses of TU Dublin, along with community partners, to collaborate on delivering strategies to increase access to higher education for under-represented groups.

The programme of activities focuses on engagement outreach activities with several key target groups who are under-represented, including students who are socio-economically disadvantaged, Irish Travelers, one-parent families, young people in care, people with disabilities, minority ethnic groups/programme refugees and first-time mature students. TU Dublin will form effective partnerships with education & community groups, such as local DEIS schools, statutory education providers, community, and voluntary groups.

In October 2021, Dr Aisling McGlinchey joined TU Dublin as a Postdoctoral Mathematics Engagement Coordinator. Aisling coordinates the Mathematics engagement activities associated with PATH 3 and has thus far organised a number of engagement activities, such as junior cycle and transition year workshops linked to the relevant curriculums, Mathsweek activities with local primary schools and Easter Leaving Certificate revision workshops.

Other planned activities associated with PATH 3 are an extension of the HeadStart initiative, which provides targeted support for preparation and transition to Higher Education, and the development of a MathsEyes trail on the TU Dublin campus, aimed at raising mathematical awareness and establishing links between the university and local communities.

TU Dublin has over the last decade developed strong links with teachers and students of mathematics in second level schools in the South Dublin region. In particular, some of the materials and initiatives regarding mathematics, using software to deepen mathematics learning and the application of mathematics in the world, that have been developed in TUDublin, are gathered here on this page and are available for second level teachers and students to use. They are grouped under some simple headings, please click the links under each heading to access the materials.


Maths Eyes Trails

Level 0  
Maypark Final Level 0 Maypark Final Level 0 (Gaeilge)
Maypark Final Level 0 Mobile Maypark Final Level 0 Mobile (Gaeilge)
Level 1  
Maypark Final Level 1 Maypark Final Level 1 (Gaeilge)
Maypark Final Level 1 Mobile Maypark Final Level 1 Mobile (Gaeilge)
Maypark Final Level 1 Worksheet  
Level 2  
Maypark Final Level 2 Maypark Final Level 2 (Gaeilge)
Maypark Final Level 2 Mobile Maypark Final Level 2 Mobile (Gaeilge)
Maypark Final Level 2 Worksheet  

Teacher/Student Materials

Geogebra Materials

All things Geogebra, please click the links below as required.

Geogebra Worksheets (zip file)

Geogebra_Practice_Photos (zip file)

Geogebra Practice Files with Pictures (zip file)

Maths Material

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