Exam FAQ's

  • You must bring your Student ID Card, writing implements. We recommend that you bring your own hand sanitizer and drinking water.
  • No Mobile Phones/Electronic Devices. If you attempt to use your mobile phone or other electronic device in the Exam Hall – including having the device turned on – this is a major breach of the Exam Regulations and serious disciplinary action will apply.
  • No unauthorised materials (e.g. books, notes, etc.) are allowed in the Exam Hall. If you are found in possession of unauthorised materials, disciplinary action will apply.
  • Do not remove any TU Dublin examination materials (including the exam paper) from the exam hall.
  • Students not following the guidelines above may be refused entry to exams, may be asked to leave an exam, and/or face disciplinary proceedings.

We recommend that all students wear a face mask for duration of examination to ensure the health and wellbeing of fellow students and invigilators.

  • If you finish early, raise your hand for the attention of an Invigilator.
  • In all cases, remain seated until you are approached by an Invigilator.
  • Place all your exam materials (including unused) in your question paper and hand to an Invigilator when instructed to do so.
  • You will be asked to sign in your exam materials by the Invigilator
  • Blanchardstown
    Blanchardstown students can access Exam Results once released here. If you have any difficulty accessing results please email SID@tudublin.ie. Please email exams.blanchardstown@tudublin.ie if you have any queries relating to Exams.

  • Aungier Street, Bolton Street, Grangegorman
    Aungier Street, Bolton Street, Grangegorman students can access Exam Results once released here. An email will be sent to your TU Dublin email address when your results are available for viewing. Your PIN to view your results will be unblocked when your results are available.Please contact your local Examinations Office by email if you have any queries.

  • Tallaght
    Tallaght students can access Exam Results once released here. Information you will need To access Your results online: Username = Your student number which is on your student card – enter capital X before the 8 numeric. (Example: Username = X0000000). PIN = Is a six digit number. (Example: PIN = 111111). Please contact the by email if you have any questions. Please complete the Exam Results Query Form.