Exam Transcripts

Replacement Transcripts

How to Request a Replacement Transcript

Complete and submit Transcript Request Form

  • For results from 2008 please allow 5 working days for processing from time of payment.
  • For results prior to 2008 please allow 10 working days for processing from time of payment.

Please note that during busy periods it may take longer to process transcripts.
There is a charge of €15 per request. Upon submission of request you will be contacted regarding payment (no cash payments please).

Digital Grademailers (Statements of Examination Results)

Digital Grademailers are an official statement of a student’s grades for a specific term or exam session. They are issued to all students after Summer and Autumn exam sessions since Autumn 2013. Students may download or share these digital documents with other educational institutions or employers.

Digital Grademailers are available to all students at the following link: Digital Grademailers

How can I access my documents?

Current Students:

  1. Click on Sign in with your Education Provider and select TU Dublin - Blanchardstown Campus
  2. Log in using your student number (Bxxxxxxxx) and your moodle password
  3. If your username (student number) is not recognised your credentials have expired, please reset your moodle password (https://www.tudublin.ie/password/
  4. Please wait 1 hour before trying to log on again. If you have any difficulty resetting your password, please contact itsupport@tudublin.ie
  5. When you have logged in you will be prompted to enter a personal email address and password for use with Digitary CORE. You will be sent an email to validate this address.
  6. After validating your personal email, the next time you log into Digitary CORE, use your personal email and password. This login method can be used both while you are a registered student and after you have completed your studies.

Graduates and Past Students:

(To log into Digitary CORE for the first time ONLY)

  1. Go to Digitary Core

All fees must be paid in full. Hard copy transcripts of results are no longer produced.
It is policy that the Exams Office do not give examination results out over the telephone.

European Diploma Supplement

European Diploma Supplement now available

A European Diploma Supplement is now available electronically to all those who graduated from Level 6, 7, 8 courses and taught Masters Level 9 courses.

What is the European Diploma Supplement?

The European Diploma Supplement was developed jointly by UNESCO and the Council of Europe. The Diploma Supplement provides additional information regarding your award which is not available on the official parchment such as modules studied and the results obtained. It provides a description of the nature, level, context and status of the studies that were pursued, and successfully completed. This makes it more easily understood, especially for employers and institutions outside the issuing country. It is an important document which measures in detail your achievement.

How do I access my European Diploma Supplement?

To access your European Diploma Supplement click on the following link Digitary Core.

Replacement Transcript

How to Request a Replacement Transcript

If your results were ratified before August 2013 and you have lost or misplaced the original paper grademailer or single subject certificate, you may request and pay for a duplicate copy using our online system. ***Only use this facility where your results were ratified before the introduction of electronic documents (before Aug 2013)

Please note that during exam time the turnaround for requests for duplicate grademailers/single subject certificates is 5 working days

To access the system click here.


From July 2018 all current undergraduate students will receive electronic Statements of Examination Results (Grademailer) at the end of each stage of study through a secure online system called Digitary Core.

You will receive an email when your document is available to view in Digitary Core. Please follow the instructions in the email.

Your electronic transcript (Grademailer) is a web based digitally certified document, electronically signed by the President of the University. It can be viewed, printed, downloaded and shared electronically as a digital document with anyone you authorise (e.g. potential employer(s), recruitment agencies, other Higher Education Institutions).

Transcripts for students registered from 2006 are free of charge and will be issued through our secure online system Digitary Core.

Transcripts requests for previous years will cost €15.00. Transcripts will not be issued until the examinations office have received the request and the correct payment.

Please note that some paper records have been archived and may take up to 7-10 days to retrieve, compile and post to you.

If you have questions, please contact examinations.tallaght@tudublin.ie.

Replacement Transcripts

Complete and submit Transcript Request Form

Payment for Transcripts must be made online. You must pay for replacement transcripts online using credit, debit or laser cards. Upon receipt of payment you will receive a confirmation email. On the payments page, if you are requesting one transcript, please use the “Replacement Transcripts” option. If requesting multiple transcripts you must make the additional payment through the “Student Charges” option.