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TU Career Development Centre offers a wide range of information and assistance enabling students to develop career learning and decision-making skills and research employment opportunities. Through a variety of careers education initiatives we aim to ensure that students:

  • Reach a competent level of self -awareness in relation to their skills, aptitudes, personality and interests.
  • Develop a knowledge of decision-making techniques and apply them in creating a personal career plan.
  • Complete research into occupational profiles and the range of opportunities available.
  • Promote themselves effectively in written and verbal communications, e.g. CVs, application forms, interviews and presentations.
  • Network effectively and maximise exposure to career opportunities both advertised and speculative.
  • Develop the ability to critically evaluate personal progress and adapt a strategic approach to handling changing circumstances
  • Enhance their employability and reach their career potential.

What does careers education involve and how do we provide it?

We offer an award winning accredited Career Development Learning (CDL) programme/workshop, curriculum integrated programmes and a series of bespoke workshops covering the following areas.

  • Career and personal motivation
  • Self-awareness
  • Occupational research 
  • Employer contacts and networking
  • Making applications and performing at interviews.

Why are career development skills so important and why do students need them?

  • Career development skills are critical to employability
  • Economic downturn has meant fewer graduate jobs
  • Fewer graduates in traditional graduate jobs
  • No jobs for life
  • More graduates in small/medium companies
  • More graduates are self-employed
  • Need to expect and plan for change and cope with uncertainty
  • Need to continue learning to stay employable
  • Flexible working arrangements

To discuss a career development learning initiative for your students contact the Career Coach assigned to your college