Profiling for Success

Profiling for Success is a series of online psychometric tests and inventories which enable you to learn more about yourself, your strengths, personal style was well as areas for development. You will receive a detailed report after completing each tool. This information can be very valuable to support you to make informed career decisions.

Tools and assessment available to you through Profiling for Success are:

  • Values based Indicator of Motivation
  • Type Dynamics Indicator (TDI) personality type questionnaire
  • EI Questionnaire Plus
  • Career Interests Inventory
  • Numerical Reasoning Skills Test (Aptitude Test)
  • Verbal Reasoning Skills Test (Aptitude Test)
  • Abstract Reasoning Skills Test (Aptitude Test)
  • Learning Styles Indicator questionnaire

You will be able to access the tests and inventories using your TU Dublin email address. Simply click here - to register and get started learning more about yourself.

The short video below will help you get the most from the Profiling for Success suite of tools: