About Microsoft Visio 

How to download and install Microsoft Visio

To successfully download this software you will need to be logged in with your @mytudublin.ie student or @tudublin.ie staff account.

Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching (which includes Project and Visio for download) is available to current staff and students for teaching, research, and other related classwork only. It cannot be used for administrative purposes.Please follow the instructions below to access the software available:

Step 1: Go to: https://azureforeducation.microsoft.com/devtools and click Sign In


Step 2: To Sign in: Students use your studentnumber@mytudublin.ie email credentials.Staff use your @tudublin.ie email credentials


Step 3:   Accept the terms and conditions



Step 4: Click “Software” in the left sidebar


Step 5: Select the appropriate software from the list e.g. Visio 2019 (Windows Only), view the key and copy it. Click Download and save to your hard drive. Install the software and apply the product key when prompted



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