The Student Health Centre aims to:

  • Provide medical services to registered students in a confidential, professional and courteous manner.
  • Provide a high quality, timely and reliable service to students.
  • Our holistic approach to care, incorporates general medical, physical, psychological and social aspects of student health, to assist in student success and a good College experience.

Please feel free to come in and talk to the nurse ( consultations FREE) about any issues that may concern you- no appointment necessary.

Or contact us on 01 2207739 or at Always better to chat though!

Using the email address does not constitute a booking. You must present yourself to the Health Centre and join the queue if necessary. We do not accept email bookings.

All Accidents / Incidents resulting in Injury must be reported to the Student Health Centre immediately. All Incidents resulting in property loss or near miss must be reported to Caretakers Office.

Actions to be taken if an incident occurs:
1. Ensure that the injured person receives prompt medical treatment.
2. Minor injuries should be directed or escorted to The Health Centre.
3. Severe injuries or multiple injuries – notify the Health Centre and caretakers’ office who in turn will contact listed Occupational First Aiders / Emergency Medical Service to respond accordingly.
4. For a near miss or unsafe condition, notification should be made to appropriate personnel to eliminate further hazard.

All full-time registered TU Dublin - Tallaght Campus students pay a premium towards Personal Accident Insurance through their capitation fees.

Cover includes - Accidental Bodily Injury - 24 hours, 365 days irrespective of whether the students are involved in college activities. Cover restricted to official college activities for part-time and apprentice students.

Territorial limits - Worldwide.

Insurer - CHUBB
Please refer to Student Services if you have any queries regarding this policy.