Applied Biology / Bitheolaíocht Fheidhmeach

Programme Title: Higher Certificate in Science in Applied Biology

* 2020 CAO Points 205

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English OR Irish


Irish - F3/06/H7
English - 06/H7

Round one points 2019 - 204

Applications from QQI Level 5 and 6 are welcome. Further details at

Mature applicants (23+) are welcome. Further details at

This programme will introduce you to the fascinating world of the biological sciences. You’ll study a range of science subjects, including Microbiology, Biochemistry and Drug Delivery. You’ll gain around 400 hours of lab experience — experience that potential employers will value — and be well set on the way to other courses or a job in industry.

Topics covered by this programme include how the cell works, the nature of disease, genetics and microbiology. (You don’t have to have studied Biology at Leaving Certificate, although it’s useful if you did.)

Our lecturers have a wide range of experience in research, education and industry, and we take pride in being an approachable and student-focused team. You’ll study a range of science subjects, including Microbiology (the study of bacteria, fungi and viruses), Biochemistry (the chemistry of life) and Drug Delivery (how drugs are manufactured and tested). This blend of fundamental and applied subjects will enhance your understanding of the relevance of the subjects to the real world and provide the basis for more advanced study, if you continue to the add-on B.Sc. programme the following year. Over the two years, you’ll gain around 400 hours of laboratory experience — experience that potential employers will value. The knowledge and practical experience gained in this course will set you on the way for other academic courses or directly into a job in industry.

  • Gradute Job Titles:
    Quality Control
    Quality Assurance
    Laboratory Assistant


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Excellent laboratory experience tied in very well with the theory side. Hands-on experience with equipment used in industry.

  • L7, TU760, Bioanalysis
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Higher Certificate in Science


2 years

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