Electronic & Software Engineering / Innealtóireacht Leictreonach

Programme Title: Bachelor of Engineering in Engineering Software

*This course is open for Advanced Entry Applications Only*

For entry to year 1 Level 7 – please go to TU726

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English O6/H7 Irish 06/H7/F3

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A minimum grade of O6/H7 is required for the remaining modules.

Applications from QQI Level 5 and 6 are welcome. Further details at www.tudublin.ie/qqi

Mature applicants (23+) are welcome. Further details at www.tudublin.ie/mature

Electronic Engineering involves the understanding of both hardware and software and how they combine within high technology systems from the design of nanotech devices to the operation of a high speed computer networks. Engineering Software involves the design and development of software systems and various forms of computer-based applications. Software Engineering is important due to the ever-increasing use of mobile technology, the increasing complexity of high technology solutions, and the emergence of new areas such as Internet of Things. Both Programmes allow the graduates pursue a wide range of engineering interests and career choices. You will use your imagination, creativity and knowledge to provide society with the complex electronic and software systems. 

A graduate in B.Eng in Electronic Engineering will be able to understand, assemble and test complex electronic systems and equipment; can assist a professional electronic engineer in refining product designs and ensure they work as efficiently as possible, and usually works with teams of other professionals to build and test products. Popular career options include:

  • Electronic Technician Engineer
  • Communications Engineering Technician
  • Systems Test Engineer
  • Circuit Layout Engineer
  • Process Control Technician
  • Embedded System Engineer
  • Computer Network Engineer
  • Mobile Phone Engineer

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The B.Eng in Electronic Engineering gave me the opportunity to work in high-technology manufacturing. I am now involved in technical support for complex manufacturing systems and currently lead a team of technicians.
I successfully completed the B.Eng in Electronic Engineering and my results allowed me to progress for a further year to the B.Eng (Hons) in Electronic Engineering.
Staff and technicians in the Department of Electronic Engineering were always very helpful and supportive to me when I was a student.
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B.Eng in Engineering Software


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