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Course Title: Bachelor of Architecture (Honours) in Architecture 

2023 CAO Points: 645*

*This includes score from Suitability Test (max. 100 points) + Interview & Portfolio (max. 100 points) = Maximum points (200 points)

Leaving Certificate Requirements

Minimum Number of





Minimum Grade in


English OR Irish



Other requirements
Suitability Test & Interview with Portfolio.   
QQI/FET Requirements

QQI/FET Award Required

Additional Requirements

Level 5:
One of the following awards:
  • ADESX / 5M2208 Design
  • AGDXX / 5M1995 Graphic Design
  • ACADX / 5M1940 Computer Aided Design
  • AFURX Furniture Design
  • 5M2012 Furniture Design & Making
  • AIDXX / 5M5054 Interior Design
  • CCONT / 5M5010 Construction Technology
Level 6:
Full level 6 award in a relevant discipline
Level 5:
Distinctions in 5 modules required
AND Suitability Test AND Interview with Portfolio
Level 6:
Full award in a relevant discipline AND Suitability Test AND Interview with Portfolio

In addition to the QQI minimum entry requirements, QQI quotas and QQI points apply. The max QQI points awarded is 390. Further details at

Mature Applicants

Applications from mature students (23+) are welcome. Further details at

English Language Requirements

If English is not your first language you will need to provide evidence of your English language proficiency as detailed on our website. Applicants for this course should have a minimum IELTS (Academic Version) English Proficiency of 6 overall (or equivalent) with nothing less than 6 in each component.

Applicants for the TU832 Architecture course will be required to sit a Suitability Test AND Interview with Portfolio as part of the admission process.

Suitability Test

When will I hear about the suitability test?

The School of Architecture, Building and Environment will contact all CAO applicants for the TU832 Architecture programme directly by email, using the email contact details included in your CAO application. 

  • Applicants applying via the Change of Mind facility will be invited to undertake the Online Suitability Test and Online Interview with Portfolio in early July.
Suitability Test Guidelines

Admission to the TU832 Bachelor of Architecture programme comprises three elements:

  • Leaving Certificate (625 max CAO points, including 25 bonus points for higher level mathematics)
  • Suitability Test (100 points max)
  • Interview with Portfolio (100 points max)

The Suitability Test comprises three sections - a written statement and two drawing exercises testing creativity, imagination and 3D awareness.

Further information
For further information or queries, please email the School at

Interview with Portfolio

Online Interview Process

The TU832 Architecture Interview with Portfolio will take place online in May 2023. All TU832 Architecture CAO applicants will be written to with details on the process and will be assigned a time slot. Details on the process will be issued prior to the event.

Make your portfolio individual and unique

The School of Architecture, Building and Environment recognises that each applicant is unique. Your personal portfolio of work provides an opportunity for you to show your individual abilities and interests, and your readiness to join our Bachelor of Architecture programme.

How long will the interview take?

Interview times with be limited to 20 minutes per applicant.

What should I bring to the interview?

We are looking for quality over quantity. We suggest that you present no more than 10-20 pieces of your work. The work presented should demonstrate your interest, experience and aptitude in creative and graphic areas. Be selective about the works you present. Include a range of items using a variety of media. 

What should I include?

The overall presentation, quality, and clarity of the portfolio is part of the interview discussion and evaluation process. Works may include but are not limited to;

  • Sketches
  • Freehand drawings
  • Paintings
  • Sculpture
  • Graphics
  • Art photography
  • Woodworking
  • Ceramics
  • Film
  • Other visual media

During your interview, please indicate whether the works were completed as part of a school assessment, extracurricular activity, or on your own.

How should I prepare for the interview?

Before your scheduled interview, you must digitally capture your pieces so that you can share them on the screen digitally through a curated presentation. Instructions for scanning and photographing your pieces and assembling a presentation will be included in your invitation for interview email.

What criteria are used to asses the portfolio?

Your portfolio will be assessed as part of the interview process and should demonstrate the following:

  • Critical observation
  • Visual awareness
  • Imagination
  • Idea
  • Invention
  • Problem solving
  • Creative conceptual thinking
  • Commitment and ambition

You may find this video useful in imagining the content of the work you might include in your portfolio:

The TU832 Bachelor of Architecture (Hons) course prepares students for the practice of architecture. 

Architecture is the art and science of designing space. This course will suit you if you’ve got a creative aptitude for architectural design, the ability to implement your designs in practice, are interested in artistic and cultural aspects of society, and have an aptitude for technical and managerial challenges.

A five-year course, it covers topics such as design studio, the history of theory and criticism of architecture, environment, construction, visual and digital communications, computer applications and law. 

The learning environment in Architecture is different from most degrees. We learn in our studios, in our gallery, through conversations, through vertical projects, and by drawing and making things.
Most of your student experience will centre on studio-based design projects, which allow you to design buildings and explore the urban and rural context. Throughout the course, there’s a strong emphasis on studio work and exploring the student’s understanding of architecture.

While not mandatory, B Arch students are encouraged and supported to apply for professional practice work experience and defer their studies for 1 academic year following 3 years of full time study. They’re also encouraged to take the opportunity to gain work experience in professional practice during the summer and winter breaks.

Professional Accreditation

The TU Dublin degree in Architecture is recognised internationally. After two years of postgraduate experience, you may take the examination in Professional Competence and thus become a member of the RIAI and register as an architect.

Have a look at Architecture Student Work on the TU Dublin Architecture website to get a better understanding of what the course involves.

Graduates of the TU832 Bachelor of Architecture (Hons) course are eligible to become Registered Architects subject to experience and professional practice  examination.

Architects may practice in a personal professional capacity, or in employment in private and public sector organisations. The field of practice is quite extensive in Ireland and abroad, and may offer alternatives of general practice or specialisation throughout a career. 

Many graduates have pursued very successful careers abroad and others have gone on to become prominent architects in Ireland.

Have a look at Alumni profiles on the TU Dublin Architecture website to get a sense for career and employment opportunities.

Semester 1 

  • Architecture Design Studio 1
  • History Theory & Criticism 1
  • Environment Services and Materials 1
  • Building Technology and Structures 1
  • Technical Studio 1

Semester 2

  • Architecture Design Studio 2
  • History Theory & Criticism 2
  • Visual Communication 2
  • Building Technology and Structures 2
  • Technical Studio 2

Semester 1

  • Architecture Design Studio 3
  • History Theory & Criticism 3
  • Building Technology and Structures 3
  • Visual Communication 3

Semester 2

  • Architecture Design Studio 4
  • History Theory & Criticism 4
  • Environment Services and Materials 2
  • Technical Studio 3

Semester 1

  • Architecture Design Studio 5
  • Environment Services and Materials 3
  • Building Technology and Structures 5
  • Visual Communication 4

Semester 2

  • Architecture Design Studio 6
  • History Theory & Criticism 5
  • Building Technology and Structures 4
  • Professional Studies 1

Semester 1

  • Architecture Design Studio 7
  • Environment Services and Materials 4
  • Professional Studies 3
  • History Theory & Criticism 7

Semester 2

  • Architecture Design Studio 8
  • Options Electives 1
  • Building Technology and Structures 6
  • Professional Studies 2

Semester 1

  • Architecture Design Studio 9
  • Thesis Development 1
  • Options Electives 2

Semester 2

  • Architecture Design Studio 10

Advanced Entry applications are accepted to this course. For further information on how to make an Advanced Entry application, please visit our CAO Hub. A full list of courses open for Advanced Entry are listed on the CAO website.

After you complete the B Arch, you may progress to the Level 9 M Arch course via the Advanced Entry application process. If you elect to complete the BSc Arch degree, you may progress to the Level 9 M Arch course directly after your 4th year on the B Arch. After completing the B Arch or M Arch courses, and two years of professional practice, you may apply for the Professional Diploma in Architectural Practice Level 9 course (TU411). 

Visit the Postgraduate and Professional Development  pages on the TU Dublin Architecture website for further information on postgraduate study opportunities.

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