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Marketing Management / Gnó, Iontráil Ghinearálta

Course Title: Bachelor of Business (Honours) in Marketing

*This course is open for Advanced Entry Applications Only*

For entry to year 1 Level 7 – please go to TU787
For entry to year 1 Level 8 – please go to TU932 

For the 180 places available on Business General Entry, there are 60 places available per course – Management, International Business, Marketing. If you chose the General Entry option, you may not be given your first choice if the course fills all available places.

Leaving Certificate Minimum Number of




 2 H5

Minimum Grade in


English OR Irish



On the CAO application, the student applies for TU932 Bachelor of Business (Honours) (General Entry).Following entry to TU Dublin, the student decides which area of Business they wish to focus on and transfers to one of the following Level 8 courses:

  • International Business
  • Management
  • Marketing

 (23+) are welcome.  Further details at


Students who complete this course and achieve this award are prepared to gain positions of responsibility in marketing. Students are well prepared for a role on a marketing team, whether in a small firm, a large corporation or a not-for-profit organisation. The modules introduce students to the study of consumer behaviour, marketing research, marketing communications, financial management, international marketing, digital marketing and web design. As part of the Events management module, for example, student will organise an event on campus and raise money for a charity of choice.

  • Graduate Job Titles:
    Sales Manager
    Business Development Executive
    Bank Official
    Account Manager
    Marketing Executive
    Marketing Manager

  • Graduate Employers:
    Bank of Ireland
    Citi Bank
    Coca Cola

*Some modules are elective

Semester 1

  • Contemporary Business (Elective)
  • Critical Skills Development
  • Financial Accounting for Business Managers 1
  • French 1 (Elective)
  • German 1 (Elective)
  • Introduction to Information Technologies, Applications and Social Media
  • Business Mathematics 1
  • Introduction to Marketing Theory
  • Spanish 1 (Elective)

Semester 2

  • Trends in Cultures and Societies
  • Economics 1
  • Financial Accounting for Business Managers 2
  • French 2 (Elective)
  • German 2 (Elective)
  • Business Information Technology and Introduction to Data Analysis
  • Business Mathematics 2
  • Principles of Management (Elective)
  • Spanish 2 (Elective)

*Some modules are elective

Semester 3

  • Behavioural Studies
  • Economics 2
  • French 3 (Elective)
  • German 3 (Elective)
  • Developing Database Systems
  • Principles of Law
  • International Marketing Applications
  • Human Resource Management (Elective)
  • Spanish (Elective)

Semester 4

  • Personal Finance (Elective)
  • French 4 (Elective)
  • German 4 (Elective)
  • Information Analysis for Decison Making in Business
  • Marketing Law
  • Marketing & Business Development
  • Marketing Finance
  • PR and Media Relations (Elective)
  • Research Methods
  • Spanish (Elective)

*Some modules are elective

Semester 5

  • Applied Global Digital Marketing
  • Consumer Behaviour
  • Global Business
  • French Communication Skills 5 (Elective)
  • German Sem 5 (Elective)
  • Spanish (Elective)
  • Marketing Channel Management
  • Event Management/IMC 1
  • Sales Management (Elective)

Semester 6

  • The Consumer in the Socio-Cultural Setting (Elective)
  • French Communication Skills 6 (Elective)
  • German 6 (Elective)
  • Services & Business Marketing
  • Marketing Across Cultures
  • Retail and Category Management
  • Event Management/IMC 2 (Elective)
  • Spanish 6 (Elective)
  • Quantitative Methods for Marketing and Advertising
  • Web/App Design & Optimisation

*Some modules are elective

Semester 7

  • Corporate Strategy & Governance
  • Corporate Finance
  • French 7 (Elective)
  • German 7 (Elective)
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Management Science (Elective)
  • Marketing Management
  • Brand Management (Elective)
  • Qualitative Research Methods
  • Spanish (Elective)

Semester 8

  • French 8 (Elective)
  • German 8 (Elective)
  • Management Science 2 (Elective)
  • Marketing Practice
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Contemporary Issues in Marketing (Elective)
  • Enterprise Development
  • Spanish (Elective)
  • Strategic Business Analytics

Ciara Long, Graduate

TU932 Business Management, Level 8

“Business Management allowed me to develop a very broad skill set, including the ability to conduct interviews, be interviewed, confidence in public speaking, organisation and planning. The content and span of modules helped me to develop the passion for my subject and left me knowledgeable in a variety of business-related disciplines, e.g. Computer Software, Supply Chain Management, Innovation etc. This was very appealing to employers and secured me an internship straight out of college, which led to a permeant public sector job in one of Ireland’s utility companies. This gave me a year of real-world experience which is invaluable to my teaching now.

The people I met while at TU Dublin are friends for life. There is a real sense of community and belonging on campus. It’s the perfect place for guided education, which will boost your employment opportunities while also allowing for self-discovery. I liked that the lecturers where friendly, approachable and helpful throughout. The course itself was diverse and included an array of modules helpful to life in a business and now, as a teacher

I cannot stress enough the sense of community at TU Dublin. As someone who struggled with the transition from post-primary to higher education TU Dublin was perfect for me. The lecturers where approachable and committed to giving practical education while also supporting you in whatever way you required”.


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Bachelor of Business (Honours)


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